Live Sound

A few years ago the team at Eartunes Radio decided to use some of their considerable experience in the field of Sound Engineering to provide local bands and venues with Public Address and more recently Live Recording facilities.

For a suitable "donation" (all proceeds go back into maintaining Eartunes Radio) we can provide up to 2.5kw of front-of-house amplification - more than enough for most small-to-medium sized venues - and all the ancilliaries required to make your music heard. Our equipment can mix, amplify and record up to 24 individual channels, and we provide our own experienced Sound Engineer to run it for you.

We are also more than happy to provide an Engineer to run your own or your venue's equipment, leaving the band free to concentrate on making music!

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What others have said about our "Live Sound" facilities

"What you did was so noticably beneficial to us. I kinda wish our paths crossed a long time ago!"
- Jamie, The Breeze

"You did an amazing job at short notice and under a lot of pressure with music you probably weren't that familiar with. By all accounts we sounded excellent out front that night and the onstage sound was great"
- Stephen, StillMarillion

"Thanks for riding the levels last night ... you always make us sound crystal clear"
- Dave, The Real Cheesemakers

"An incredible insight into the artist's needs in a 'live' environment"
- Leo, The Porn Issue

"Special thanks to [Eartunes] for manning the desk and ensuring we were loud enough to get the police involved"
- Greg, Ambergreen

"Thank you ... for being a aural technician of the highest order; always a pleasure to play with you at the helm"
- Paul, The Useless Eaters

"You made me sound almost human"
- Ian, Doeser's Dodgy Duo

"A big well done to you ... you did a brilliant job"
- Status Promotions