Music Policy

Eartunes Radio has a very broad Music policy. Predominantly (but by no means exclusively) we play music styles from the Sixties to the present day - if you really feel the need to pidgeonhole us, I guess that would make us an "Adult Contemporary" station. We also aim to reserve at least 10% of our airtime for new and unsigned musicians; in our "Local Music" slot at the top of each hour, the vasy majority of songs we play are original works - indeed many are original Eartunes live recordings - and all are by unsigned artists from around Wiltshire (or who have played gigs locally) and they are added to the playlist with the kind permission of the musicians concerned.

If it's a good tune, we'll generally be happy to play it (that's why, if you listen long enough, you could well hear a ballad segued into Heavy Rock!)

There are a few notable exceptions:

  • We have a "blanket ban" on RAP music - not because we have any objection to the genre as a whole, but simply because such a large amount of RAP music contains profanity, and we do not have the resources to filter it all out.
  • We TRY to keep track length down to below 6 minutes. If we're playing a track you don't like, you may well be prepared to suffer it for a while, but any longer and you're likely to switch off instead of waiting for the next track...

There are a number of rules for Internet broadcasters which we have to follow; for example, we cannot play more than two tracks back-to-back by the same artist, or more than three within an hour. There are also restrictions on the number of tracks we can play from the same album within a set time period. For this reason, you may find that if you use the "request" facility on this site, your song may not play for anything up to two hours (usually though, it's a *much* shorter wait than that - but we're not allowed to tell you when it *will* be played).

Other than that, if you want it and we've got it, we'll play it for you!